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Welcome to the Western Financial Experience.

Since 1976, our team of experienced financial advisers has been assisting multiple generations in achieving their unique financial goals.

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Why Choose Us

Fiduciary advisers dedicated to providing honest, transparent, client-first financial advice

As a fiduciary adviser, we put your interests first. Understanding your unique financial goals, concerns and financial situation is of paramount importance to us.

We understand that by trusting us with your money, you are trusting us with a big part of your life. We work hard each and every day to earn and maintain that trust by providing the highest level of advice and service which will always be in your best interest.

Client Meeting Financial Adviser

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that investors generally find themselves in one of three specific investment phases during their life. Our understanding of which phase each client is in is essential to structuring each client’s portfolio and financial plan appropriately.

Wealth Accumulation

Investors are focused upon building wealth in order to achieve short and long-term goals including buying a new home, sending children to college and funding retirement.

Wealth Preservation

Investors have accumulated wealth over many years and are now more focused on reducing risk and maintaining their asset values.

Income Distribution

As investors transition into their retirement years, their accumulated wealth now provides the necessary cash flow to support the lifestyle they have worked so hard for.

Rick Levenson - Financial Adviser at Western Financial

“The key to successful investing lies in establishing and adhering to a solid long-term investment plan. That plan should include proper asset allocation and diversification across multiple asset classes to optimize the risk and potential return of a client’s portfolio.”

Rick Levenson, President, CEO and CIO

Reasons To Hire a Fiduciary Financial Adviser

There are many important reasons to consider hiring a financial adviser including:


Investment Strategy

Achieving your financial goals are of utmost importance. An adviser can assist you in creating a long-term investment strategy that is best tailored to your own risk and return profile providing for the best possible outcome.


Major Life Events

Getting married, purchasing a home, sending children to college, preparing for retirement or receiving an inheritance are all life events that an adviser can help you plan for.


Portfolio Risk Management

How much risk is in your portfolio? How much volatility are you comfortable with? What rate of return do you need to achieve your financial goals? These are all questions that an adviser can help you answer.


Minimize Taxes

An adviser may suggest various investments and strategies that minimize your tax burden and provide you with the most after-tax dollars.


Financial Planning

Having a plan that gives you a clear understanding of how to achieve your financial goals will help ensure success and provide valuable piece of mind. An adviser can assist you in putting together a financial plan tailored to your specific needs.


Professional Advice

Do you have a revocable living trust? Is the beneficiary information correct and up-to-date on your retirement accounts? Do you need life insurance or better tax advice? By hiring a fiduciary financial adviser they can look out for your best interests and provide referrals to other professionals, such as estate attorneys, CPAs and insurance agents, when needed.