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Who We Serve

WFC offers Customized Portfolio Management (CPM) services to individual investors, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, retirement plans, retirement plan fiduciaries, participants of retirement plans, small businesses and high-net-worth individuals based on the individual goals, objectives, time horizon, liquidity needs and risk tolerance of each particular client.

Western assesses each client’s current situation (income, tax levels, existing resources, financial goals, and risk tolerance levels) and then constructs a plan to aid in the selection of a portfolio of securities that matches each client’s specific situation.


Investment Strategy

Investment strategies are individually tailored to each client’s goals and objectives.

Asset Allocation

Finding the best balance between stocks, bonds, cash and other asset classes helps clients define portfolio risk and potential return.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Client portfolios are rebalanced at least quarterly to ensure that portfolio allocations stay on track.